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ECE Graduate Student Advancement Committee (ECE Grad SAC) is committed to representing the concerns of all graduate students inside the department. We strive to foster experiences that all ECE graduate students can enjoy while also creating an environment everyone wants to be a part of.


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Counseling Center (Website)

The Mental Health Clinic at McKinley (Website)

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Other organizations you might want to join

WECE – Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering

GradSWE – Graduate committee for the Society of Women in Engineering

HKN – Eta Kappa Nu (ECE Honor Society)

IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Who We Are

Our committee is a team effort. We work as a unit to try and ensure that our department can provide the events that best cater to the needs of its graduate students. All of us share the responsibility so feel free to reach out to any of us. However, our main point of contact is listed as our ECE GradSAC Chair.

Corey Snyder (Chair) | cesnyde2@illinois.edu

Focus: Signal Processing and Machine Learning

Fun Fact: I have played guitar for 10+ years and love anything with Corgis!




Pallavi Sharma | psharma6@illinois.edu

Focus: Antennas



Brendan Eng | beng3@illinois.edu

Focus: Semiconductor Materials

Fun Fact: I love running and have run a total of 8 marathons!



Steven Kolaczkowski | kolaczk2@illinois.edu

Focus: Nanotechnology

Hobby: Board games, D&D, gardening, arts and crafts, and softball



Mingye Irene Xiong | mxiong5@illinois.edu

Focus: Computational Nanotechnology

Hobby: Ballroom Dance & Cooking



Grant Greenberg | gcgreen2@illinois.edu

Focus: Bioinformatics & Machine Learning

Hobby: Guitar, Climbing/Bouldering

Fun fact: I’m fluent in Spanish.


Megan Culler | mculler2@illinois.edu

Focus: Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems

Fun fact: I competed in a strongman competition once – and won!



Kristina Miller | kmmille2@illinois.edu

Focus: Cyberphysical systems, controls systems, robotics

Hobby: Violin, piano, swimming, running, drawing.

Fun fact: I like to spin pens and roll coins (but I’m not very good).


Alex Pietros | pietros2@illinois.edu

Focus: Optics, Photonics, Imaging Systems/Sensors

Hobby: Soccer and Climbing

Fun fact: I spend more time searching for music on Spotify than listening.


Srinath Jagannathan | srinath6@illinois.edu

Focus: Fiber Optics

Hobby: Squash, Reading

Fun fact: I have been to three continents and speak four languages.


Dawn Haken | haken2@illinois.edu

Focus: Remote Sensing

Hobby: In my free time I enjoy painting and hiking.



Anna Winnicki | annaw5@illinois.edu

Focus: Power Systems

Hobby: Outdoors!