Big Sib Lil Sib Mentoring Program

The Big Sib/Lil Sib program is where an ECE underclassmen (Lil Sibs) will be paired up with upperclassmen (Big Sibs) who will serve as mentors. Throughout the program, there will be exciting academic and recreational activities (both virtual and in-person) that YOU can participate in. This includes exclusive academic panels, weekly check-ins, family reunions with games, Netflix watch parties, study sessions, and more! With this being new and starting during an ongoing pandemic, the roles will be flexible so that you can adjust  on your own time to connect to one another and do what works best for your schedules, times zones, and beyond!

Time to get registered!
If you have completed less than 4 semesters at Illinois or are a new transfer student, please sign up as a mentee (Lil Sib). If you have completed more than 4 semesters at Illinois, please sign up as a mentor (Big Sib).